Thursday, February 5, 2015


On January 27th Jules and I tearfully said our goodbyes to Maya our almost 15 year old cat. Maya came into our lives via Kelly-Anne and Kim. According to Kelly-Anne, I needed a new friend. Maya soon became the head of the household. She was curious and into mischief in her  kitten years. We enjoyed her spunk and playfulness. She was one of my best friends.

We had many occasions to do girls things. It may sound funny but there were times she would sit on the bed as I tried on various outfits trying to decide which one to wear. She patiently would sit there watching my fashion show. Once she was satisfied with what I had on, she would  jump off the bed and leave the bedroom. I would  laugh and say to myself  that she likes what I am wearing or she is just just plain fed up with my undecisiveness. Maya also loved being in the spot light. Whenever a reporter or cameraman came to the house, Maya somehow find a way to interrupt filming. She would either get her face in front of the camera or try to claw away at a chair. She new that I would stop and  yell at her resulting in another interruption.

The reality is that Maya consumed our lives joyfully. She tolerated a little brother and eventually a little sister. She greeted us up to a day or two prior to her passing at the front door upon our return from work. She was in charge of the house and was  respected by her siblings.

There is a void in the house. We are adapting. I do know that Maya is in a better place where  she has no pain. She has been reunited with Kelly-Anne. They can now continue to play ball as I clearly remember like it was just yesterday Kelly-Anne throwing a ball at Maya to run and catch.

Saying goodbye to Maya felt like again we came full circle with Kelly-Anne. Maya was part of our history, she was a part of Kelly-Anne. Our little cat angel. Rest in  peace.

Monday, December 22, 2014

'Tis the Season

The tree and  house are decorated and the baking is completed. We await the family and the sparkle of  Paige's eyes. This Christmas season I  vow to  be happy and embrace my family and the spirit of new birth.  I am still  reminded each day of how Kelly-Anne is such a apart of our lives and how her soul is in our Paige, our greatest gift. I am also  reminded of Christmas past and how Kelly-Anne loved the season. And for her, I smile because that is what she would expect me to do.

This past month we heard of  the deaths of eight innocent children in Australia, and three American police officers in the line of duty. All slain. I wish for once we could really have  peace on earth...but the only thing I can do is bring about peace in my life and help those near me. We all can't carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. It just pains me that  others have to suffer and that lives are snuffed out.

This is the season of peace and hope. I ask you to share the season with your loved ones and to remember those who are in need.

I look towards the new year to come with anticipation, excitement and change. I do not know what lies ahead but I am ready to embrace  2015. Season's greetings to all.

Life is a gift...use it well.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Today, Kelly-Anne would of been 35 years old. I only know that  if she were here, she would of been happy and most probably celebrating. I celebrate her life and  am so very proud of her accomplishements during her 24 years on this earth.

Yesterday, she was present with us in that prison. She held me and gave me strength. My daughter never leaves  my side.

Tonight as I  light a candle for her, I will toast  my daughter in celebration of her contributions she made on earth and how she continues to impact  my life and  the community from Heaven.

Facing the Devil

Yesterday, Kelly-Anne's family were at the parole hearing for her killer. He decide he would  request day parole because it was his legal right to do so according to the sentence he had received.
It was our choice to be there and to present statements, a choice I do not regret. Even though it was an emotional  time, I felt that the board needed to hear from us. The board needed to hear the depth our our loss and how life as been for us during the  past 10 years.

I felt that I was in a time bubble. Time has stood still for Martin Morin -Cousineau. Nothing has changed in his life whereas I and many others lives have evolved. We have all faced challenges, learnt and seen new things, met new people and experienced the good and  the not so good. That is  life, but for him he remains unchanged.

He is unchanged because of choice. He  does not see himself as equal to the other prisoners. He  still believes that he has been wrongfully convicted and that he should not have been found guilty of second degree murder.  He fails to understand that  his peers judged him guilty and that judgement was backed up by an appeal hearing.

I must say that Correctional Services have gone over and above to help him...but as the old saying goes, you  can't lead a horse to water and expect him to drink. One needs to first accept  the situation, then make the decision to change and move forward with a plan and the determination to stick to that plan. This is  something he has not done.

I am not worried. I will now leave the future of his stay in prison to the Parole Board. From what I  witnessed yesterday, he will never get out of prison.

The devil remains behind bars. I will keep watching him from afar with yearly reports from  Correctional Services. I will continue to write statements when needed, but I will never see his face again as I will never return to prison. His future will be predicated on what he success to do in prison. It is all in the devil's hands.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Continuing to Touch Lives

I had a special day yesterday...I was invited to speak to the Women's Studies class at Concordia University. I spoke about Kelly-Anne 's story, my life moving forward and of course the signs of domestic abuse.

Here in the back of the class sat a young women with tears rolling down her face. After my talk she came up to me and told me that she knew Kelly-Anne from one of the summer pools where Kelly-Anne had once worked. This young women told me that Kelly-Anne had taught her to swim. It seems everywhere I go, I meet someone who knew Kelly-Anne or knows someone who knew my daughter. I hear new stories which allow me to learn more about Kelly-Anne. They are a constant  reminder  how she touched other people's lives. And for that I continue to be a proud mother knowing that
Kelly-Anne is never forgotten and has left many positive  lasting memories for so many young people.

She is truly an example to follow.

Friday, October 3, 2014


" Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet" Anne of Green Gables

As we remember  Kelly-Anne today on the 10th anniversary of her senseless, horrific death, let us remember that even 10 years later women, children and unborn babies are still being murdered in many countries throughout our world. Please take a moment to reflect on the lives savagely taken through anger, jealousy, power and cultural beliefs.

What have we learnt from Kelly-Anne death? What can we do to prevent these heinous crimes?
I ask you reflect on your place in our society, your responsibility and how you can make the difference.

The quote above was Kelly-Anne's favorite quote. Ironically it was written on all her emails. Little did she know how this quote would be rooted in my thought process for the rest of my life.

I invite each and everyone of you to take your place by making a difference towards abuse against women. Tomorrow is a new day for all of us. Let's make it count!

Love you Kell today and always.xxxx Mom

Monday, September 22, 2014


With special thanks to Robin McGraw ( Dr.Phil's wife) there is now an app for  smart phones,  iphones and android which allow someone who is a victim of  domestic abuse to get help. It doesn't replace calling 911, but at least if  one does not have a land line, or is not  at home, there is a way to contact someone or the authorities.

Here is the link. Please read and share with anyone  whom you feel needs to know....and honestly, we all need to  know this information.